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  • 当代建筑理论系列讲座第一季
  • 2019-04-10
  • 来源:艺术设计学院
  • 作者:艺术设计学院
  • 编辑:宋冰滢
  •   ca929亚洲城当代建筑理论系列讲座由艺术设计学院副院长车飞主持,邀请国内外建筑理论与思想大家共同参与。每位主讲学者以及数位对话嘉宾将在主题讲座后展开多维对话。

      The lecture series on Contemporary Architectural Theory is hosted by Prof. Che Fei in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. Each time, one keynote speaker and several guests speaker will be invited to carry out a multi-dimensional discussion after the lecture.